Our Story

Ankha Azzura started with our CEO Lisa Hanley – a Journalist and luxury travel writer, who had a small dream of building an inclusive platform for wellness media which champions stories from different cultures across the globe.

After a year of development, Lisa launched the website for Ankha Azzura Magazine, delivering exclusive news and content from around the globe. Driven by strong journalistic principles, values and experts in the field, Lisa’s aim was to deliver wellness news in a way you have never seen before.

Our stories are human centered, research based, culturally rich and most importantly, of value to our readers.

Ankha Azzura has a small team of talented contributors, consisting of cross border journalists, writers, experts and health practitioners with a passion for wellness, travel and nutrition.

The mission is to assist individuals from across the globe on their wellness journey by delivering information they can trust that can help enrich their minds, their lives and their environment too. We aim to expand perspective’s, open minds and educate readers on new ways of living.

Our Founder

Lisa Hanley, is a Multimedia Journalist with a decade long career in media, events and production. After being inspired by her own personal health struggles, she decided to take the leap into creating a first of its kind media-tech brand which aimed to not only deliver news and information which will empower women and men holistically, but will also give them the knowledge on how to encompass the environment, ancient practice’s, and nature into their wellness routine. She has always been passionate about health and well-being and is actively making steps to use her skills to be of service one story at a time.