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Cécred: Beyoncé’s New Haircare line fuses probiotic ingredients with advanced technology

Beyonce’s eagerly anticipated beauty line, Cécred has officially launched after years of teasers and anticipation. The aptly named brand, Cécred merges her name, Beyoncé and the word sacred together to create a unique brand name pointing to our hair’s sacred nature. Cécred is keen to differentiate itself brand from the average hair sheen and instead combine their ‘patent-pending technology with the wisdom and rituals passed down through generations’.

The effect? A high-performing routine that visibility creates more shine, moisture and length retention.


By starting at the very foundation of treatment. The one-of-a-kind effect is established by using three key ingredients: bioactive keratin, lactobacillus ferment and honey. Keratin is a type of protective protein that is found in your hair, skin and nails. It is known as the structural building block of hair, less susceptible to tearing and scratching.

Lactobacillus ferment is a “lab-created, non-living probiotic ingredient” known for its moisturising, antimicrobial properties and preserving hair. Its richness in vitamins and minerals hydrates the surface of the hair, making it look shiny and feel full.

Honey, the most meaningful ingredient, appears to play a special role in the Beyoncé household. In a British Vogue interview, Beyoncé states, “I have two beehives…. I started the beehives because my daughters, Blue and Rumi, both have terrible allergies, and honey has countless healing properties.” Honey has been a crucial medicinal tool for over 8000 years. Besides its nourishing properties for hair, it is a resource filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, promoting health after consumption too.

Fusing butters, oils, fermented rice waters and honey, the product line is on trend in its plight to use traditional ingredients fused with “patent-pending advanced science.” This science is namely the keratin recovery technology which includes the Bioactive Keratin Ferment: a patent-pending technology made from wool-derived keratin, honey, and lactobacillus ferment. Enhanced by the ancient process of fermentation, the keratin proteins are small enough to penetrate deep into the cortex of each strand, closely matching and replacing depleted proteins to visibly repair and strengthen weak or damaged hair. Formulated without silicones which mask damage with an artificial coating, Cécred products deliver moisture and visible strength for a healthy foundation. 


The story behind Cécred

Beyoncé hair journey is a “deeply personal” one. She says to the Independent, “From spending my childhood in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil on my scalp to treat my psoriasis — these moments have been sacred to me.”

According to the NHS, Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects 2 out of 100 people in the UK, often developing in adults between the ages of 20 and 30 or 50 and 60. It is often diagnosed by doctors through the appearance of brown, white or black scales on the skin.

However, Cécred was also inspired by her mother, Tina, who worked in a hair salon. Grace Ray, chief executive officer of the brand, says to WWD, “She saw her mother not just have healing hands that transformed the people who came through, or that their hair was transformed, but that their souls were lifted,” Ray resumes. “That sacred moment was where the genesis began.”

The Mission

Cécred is a line devoted to all different hair types, from curly and dry to fine and oily, more variety in a hair care brand is difficult to come by. Founded after Beyoncé’s struggle in her personal hair journey, she found no products that worked on textured hair with little moisture and strength. The mission was to create a product that did not change despite using dye, different hairstyles, sweating and having buildup.

Beyoncé expresses in a press release, “As a Black founder, it was important to me to concentrate on where I saw the greatest need for healthy haircare and to place scientific innovation and product performance above all else. We started by prioritizing the needs of textured hair like mine, along with other types and textures that needed more moisture and strength,”

Cécred was built on ancient beauty rituals that have been used for centuries. “If you think about all of the global rituals that exist across the world, that’s a wisdom that can never be replaced,” Ray states to WWD, “We mix that wisdom with high-tech science because this brand stands for that combination of honouring the past and the future.”

Beyoncé’s move into shiny, voluminous hair might just be the ideal marketing technique after announcing a move into country music. “Texan hair” has been named the next big trend by Glamour, with the Renaissance artist going bleach blond and embracing a more voluminous ‘90s blowdry.

Cécred is clean, meaning cruelty-free and uses ingredients approved by strict global guidelines. Prices start from £25 on a range of haircare products.

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