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Genomic testing now available at top Wellness resort, Chiva-Som, Thailand

Founded in 1993 by former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr.Boonchu Rojanastien, Chiva-Som Hua Hin, is Asia’s first luxury health resort. Occupying seven acres of land, the 54 room resort has a vast array of holistic programmes, lead by world class experts within the wellness industry – resulting in a stunning client lists of royalty, heads of state, diplomats, musicians, actors, and VIP’s from around the globe.

Their offer of services include Physiotherapy, fitness, holistic, nutrition, spa and aesthetic beauty. As a result of their highly recommended services, they have been voted as the ‘Best Destination spa in the world’ by Conde Naste Traveler in 2022, and as they couldn’t get any better, Chiva-Som, Thailand is now offering genomic testing to their guests.

The bespoke service requires Chiva-Som to collect genetic samples from guests in a specialist laboratory. When the results are in, the results are then interpreted by a in house genomic and health counselling expert, who then work with a wellness team to create a bespoke programme which includes exercises, sleep protocols, treatments and nutrient intake which will work for the the guests specific genetic makeup.

Launched in March, 2023, the tests aim to create a personalized experience for guests based on their DNA to identify genetic variants that impact how the subjects body processes and responds to exercise, vitamins and even environmental factors. This can help create a custom experience for the guest which can help mitigate risks and manage existing illnesses, if any.

The resort offers this specialized offer in two packages. The first package is called, Vital, this package is tailored to guests lifestyle, nutrition and athletic performance. With a focus on the individuals energy levels and focus, this package allows you to get further insight into weight loss, metabolism and ideal sleep requirements for optimal health.

The second package is their Longevity package which allows the tests to asses chronic disease risks. Driven by the idea of early intervention and prevention, the testing is created to identify genetic variants that are associated with such risk and with this information, the wellness team at Chiva-Som can provide personalized recommendations for to help reduce risk and prompt beneficial lifestyle changes.

The service is quick and easy, providing the guest with a peace of mind, support and proactive health management to inform family planning whilst enabling guests to customize their personal wellness routines and lifestyle choices.

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