Marleybones: A Pet Food Brand Moving Up the in Charts for Its Delicious and Nutritious Meals

The once subscription-only pet food brand Marleybones, has made it to the shelves of popular supermarkets, including Waitrose and Whole Foods. The gourmet range is packed with all the goodies your pet needs.

Marleybones was founded after Josephine Rode Bager noticed the effects of standard grocery store dog meals on her golden cocker spaniel, Marley. With Marley being both picky and struggling with indigestion, Bager and co-founder Mikala Alexandra Wilson Skov embarked on a journey to make dog food more delicious and nutritious.

What’s so good about it?

Marleybones assumes that there is no telling what is in our food. What they do differently is use sustainable, locally sourced ingredients in the United Kingdom. The “human-quality meat and fish” found inside every packaged meal is freshly prepared, packed with superfoods like wild seaweed, tailored for your pup’s needs and is parcelled in fully recyclable packaging.

Other pet food meals are made using low-quality, cheap ingredients, are crammed with fillers like corn, filled with preservatives, additives, and sugar and are only 4% of your pet’s daily meat requirement.

Their mission? To deliver home-cooked, nutritional meals to your pup. Marleybones co-founder Wilson Skov states, “[We are] thrilled to be leading the fresh dog food movement into UK retail with the launch into Waitrose stores across the country.”

The Products

Marleybones prides itself in the ingredients you and your dog can see, smell and taste. Products online range from chicken, beef, lamb to salmon, with plenty of choices to enhance the meals with gut, joint and dental health supplements. Other additional options include lamb, hemp seeds and thyme snacks, omega boosting oil, turkey, coconut and chamomile snacks as well as chicken, hawthorn and sage snacks.

Marleybones allows for dish personalization and offers recommendations depending on your pet’s weight, age, allergies and digestion.

The Start of a New Era

“Pet parents often have to choose between quality and convenience when deciding their dog’s food. Our Pantry Fresh meals have been carefully crafted to provide the best nutrition for dogs with easy-to-serve meals that fit into a modern lifestyle,” Skov says.

Both co-founders, Wilson Skov and Bager, believe that this is the start of a “new era” within the pet food industry where we “step towards changing the convenience and accessibility of high quality, fresh dog food”.

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