The Ultimate Fitness and Recovery Hotel: SIRO One Za’abeel Opens in Dubai

Renowned for its trailblazing approach to luxury hospitality, SIRO One Za’abeel is offering a paradigm-shifting guest experience focused on fitness and recovery. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge digital technology and world-class expertise, SIRO One Za’abeel empowers guests to unlock their peak mental and physical potential.

Elevating Wellness Beyond Boundaries

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Responding to the increasing demand for high-quality fitness and wellbeing facilities, SIRO One Za’abeel has five key priorities for its guests: nutrition, fitness, sleep, recovery, and mindfulness.

SIRO One Za’abeel provides a holistic wellness experience including a dedicated Recovery Lab for mindfulness practices, numerous classes and advanced treatments, an expansive, state-of-the-art Fitness Lab as well as a team of experts to allow for truly personalised fitness and recovery programmes.

The Ultimate Fitness Journey

Credit: Siro Hotels

Meticulously curated by SIRO’s house of specialists, the fifty classes available each week offer not only immediate gratification but also contribute to sustainable success for guests’ fitness journey. The Fitness Lab’s commitment to diversity extends to its four exclusive studio spaces: Experience Box, Cycling Studio, Yoga Studio, and Pilates Reform.

The Experience Box is an atmospheric studio designed for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and SIRO Signature Classes, including Power, Sculpt, and Booty sessions. This unique studio creates an immersive feel through blackout elements, ambient lighting, and music. The space is also a host to specialised classes like Functional Fitness by AC Milan and Boxing Fitness by Ramla Ali. These classes, shaped in collaboration with elite athletes, their trainers and medical staff, offer invaluable insights from the world of sports, allowing guests to train, move, and recover like the world’s top athletes.

The Fitness Lab is also home to the Cycle Studio featuring dynamic group cycling sessions for up to 20 guests, with categories such as Speed, Endurance and Climb, each lasting 45 minutes. These classes focus on fat-burning, cardiovascular health, and muscle endurance.

As part of destination fitness experiences, guests will have access to off-site activities such as desert bike rides, mountain treks, dune buggy trips, indoor diving, paddle tennis, football, and golf sessions through SIRO One Za’abeel partners.

A Revolutionary Approach To Recovery

Credit: Siro Hotels

The Recovery Lab epitomises tranquillity and rejuvenation, offering guests a serene escape from the bustling city below.

Boasting a spacious yoga studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, a fully equipped pilates room, and specialised rooms offering cutting-edge therapies such as IV Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Sound and Vibration Therapy, and Cryotherapy, the Recovery Lab promises a comprehensive catalogue to alleviate physical and mental tension.

Additionally, SIRO offers Proverb Modular Stretch Massage, Skin Workout, Assisted Stretching, Physiotherapy, Myofascial Cupping, and Dry Needling treatments providing guests with a holistic approach to recovery.

“Prioritising fitness, recovery and self-care has become a way of life for many, and has evolved into a pillar facet of modern life,” says Philippe Zuber, Chief Executive Officer of Kerzner International. “SIRO is our direct response to this new normal. It’s our incubator concept, a merging of science and innovation to create a space that not only positively blurs the lines of wellness and hospitality but also brings together a community of like-minded individuals who want to enjoy the immediate benefits of fitness while future-proofing their health.”

Moreover, the Recovery Lab boasts separate male and female-only zones, each complete with expansive luxurious changing facilities, infrared saunas, steam rooms, thermo-regulated cold plunge pools, relaxation areas and zen spaces. This thoughtful design ensures that guests can fully unwind and rejuvenate in a tranquil and comfortable environment tailored to their needs.

A Pioneering Home From Home

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The guest rooms at SIRO One Za’abeel are designed as a sanctuary for guests seeking a harmonious balance of comfort and wellness. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light whilst wake-up technology featuring motorised blackout blinds rouses guests from their slumber, nurturing their internal body clock for a gradual and natural awakening. Thermo-regulating mattresses ensure optimal sleep conditions by cooling core body temperatures and promoting restorative rest.

Each room is equipped with a recovery cabinet stocked with exercise essentials such as an exercise ball, stretch bands, meditation cushions, yoga mats and a stretch ladder. Additionally, SIRO One Za’abeel’s Fitness Suites feature a private mini-gym equipped with a stationary bike, treadmill, suspension training system, free weights, and a boxing bag with gloves. Or, alternatively, the Recovery Suites boast tranquil interiors and spacious living areas, complemented by a therapy bed for in-room treatments and a bathtub with scenic views, fostering unparalleled inner balance and relaxation.

Keeping Nutrition On Track

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Recognising the pivotal role of nutrition in fostering overall wellness, SIRO One Za’abeel offers a curated array of dining options to support guests in maintaining a balanced diet.

Curated by the in-house SIRO nutritionist, the hotel offers an extensive menu of healthy snacks and personalised shakes at the Refuel Bar whilst the 24-hour in-room modular dining allows guests to build personalised meals of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and nutritious vegetable dishes. One-on-one advice sessions are also available with nutritionists to create tailored meal plans.

Now welcoming guests, SIRO One Za’abeel marks the dawn of a new era in immersive wellness hospitality.


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