Antigua and Barbuda: Home of wellness and sustainable living

Where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, lies the island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda made up of 365 flawless beaches, flourishing rainforests, rising hills and diverse flora and fauna. Given its natural beauty, it’s no surprise that the country is enthralling visitors who are seeking to connect with nature and improve their wellness while taking part in more sustainable activities.

In January 2023, the country launched its very first Wellness Month and was picked as the ‘Sustainable Emerging Destination’ in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2021.

In the Treasure Islands Guide published by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA), they talked about activities that make people feel good and how to experience the island in ‘a more conscious way’. From turtle watching to exploring the environment and its wildlife, eating naturally produced table food and practicing yoga and meditation.

The ABTA has also published an online ‘Wellness Guide’ where people can find out more information about some of the activities mentioned above and other experiences where they can make self-care their priority.

There are plenty of sustainable and eco-friendly activities to choose from that everyone can enjoy. In 2017, the country launched ‘The Green Corridor’, which runs along the south-west coast from the village of Bolans to the village of John Hughes in Antigua.

According to ABTA, it’s a specific area where: Businesses have agreed to a set of principles based on respect for local culture, positive influence on the local community, environmental stewardship and economic viability while maintaining all of these, are highlighted, and promoted.

The Green Corridor includes:

  • Cocos Hotel Antigua
  • Sugar Ridge Hotel
  • Cocobay Hotel
  • Christian Valley Agricultural Station
  • Dennis’ Cocktail Bar and Restaurant
  • Darkwood Beach Bar & Restaurant
  • Turner’s Beach Bar and Restaurant
  • OJ’s Beach Bar and Restaurant
  • Jacqui O’s Beach House
  • Keyonna Beach Resort
  • Carlisle Bay Hotel
  • Cades Bay Pineapple Station
  • Antigua Rainforest Canopy
  • Rose Macs’ Herb Gardens

In addition to The Green Corridor, people can get into sustainable food and cooking on holiday by visiting the Colesome Farmers Market. The market is a family-run business which has been operating for thirty years and is dedicated to providing the freshest produce and ensuring that quality is the priority.

All fruit and vegetables are grown only when in season and if not available the family will do what they can to source what you’re looking for from their extensive network of farming partners all over the islands.

Visitors can experience a free farm tour if they want to learn more about the operation while buying the goods. Lion Pavillion will be sure to draw in the foodies by showcasing the best of the market’s produce in their mouth watering vegetable cuisine.

So why not make Antigua and Barbuda on the top of your next travel destination to experience the best that wellness and sustainability has to offer.

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  • Michelle Monaghan

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