Discover the Healing Power of Sound Immersion with new Wellness Start-up, Feels Space

The search for serenity and inner peace has become essential in a world that can be so loud, but new wellness start-up Feels Space has the anecdote to this exact problem – sound. Offering a unique approach to wellness through the power of music and immersive experiences, Feels Space, as it’s aptly named, offers immersive soundscapes, installations and ‘sensory elements’ to facilitate once in a lifetime healing spaces.

At its helm is Founder, Jasmin Harsono, a London-born entrepreneur and author whose acclaimed for her pioneering work in wellness. She is joined by a handful of industry heavyweights with decades of expertise in business, sound and events. Co-founders include music industry luminary and acclaimed songwriter George Hammond-Hagan, Entrepreneur and wellness practitioner, Almira Alidon, and internationally recognized event director Claire Roth. With such diverse experience in the field of sound, events and healing, Feels Space is poised to revolutionize the way we perceive and engage with sound.

Feel Space Event Series, London

Today marks the launch of Feels Space, as they kick off their first event in London Kings Cross. Guests will get a chance to experience ‘Live Visual and Sound’ – followed by a live Q&A exploring the interplay between sound and emotional well-being. The inaugural event scheduled for today, 28th of March beckons curious minds to delve into the realm of sensory immersion. Set against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis, London, Feels Space aims to transport attendees to a realm where sound isn’t merely perceived but felt at a visceral level.

Experts from diverse fields will unravel the mysteries of this symbiotic relationship. From neuroscientists to sound engineers, each brings a unique perspective to the discussion. Moderated by Namalee Bolle, panel guests include, Javier Weyler, Tim Wheater, Cherub Sanson, Fiona Sally Miller and George Hammond-Hagan.

The Future of Feels Space

Looking ahead, Feels Space is officially open for business, offering services ranging from space consultation to pop up installations to audio and visual curation. Through partnerships with leading researchers and innovators, the company seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of sensory immersion.

Hire a specialized team of experts to consult on enhancing your venue, curating bespoke soundscapes, and crafting tailored immersive experiences to elevate your event, brand, or hospitality space.

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