Golden Door all-inclusive 7-day Retreat

Golden Door was created to change lives. Recognized worldwide as a trailblazer in wellness and regarded as one of the world’s best spa destinations, Golden Door empowers all to heal mentally, physically and spiritually. The property is located 600 acres north of San Diego and offers twenty miles of hiking trails that range from mountain to meadow, pristine interiors and biodynamic gardens. That is not all. Golden Door provides customizable programming, a growing artisanal product line, a skincare collection, hyper-local food sourcing, on-site chicken coops, certified organic citrus orchards and a transplanted olive grove.

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So, what should you expect during your all-inclusive 7-day Golden Door experience?

  • Day One: “Breath out” as you cross the large brass doors that welcome you into Golden Door’s arms, you will be met with an instant feeling of calm. The Japanese-inspired enclave is home to plenty of wildlife to walk in or simply watch. Take this day to relax, explore the spa and indulge in world-class meals.
  • Day Two: “Breath in” as your day will begin with one of four guided hikes on private trails. Once you return to your room, expect breakfast to be served alongside a schedule encompassing fitness, mindfulness classes as well as spa treatments. With your closet filled with workout clothes, the world is your oyster. Pick and choose from the many options available.
  • Day Three: “Breathe deeply” as you partake in an array of yoga, archery, boxing and training sessions with a personal coach. After lunch, you can expect a relaxing meditation class along with a facial and body treatment. If a massage is what you’re seeking there is no need to worry. A masseuse will be awaiting you in your room every day at the same time.
  • Day Four: “Breathe easier” as today you should begin feeling the effects of eating fresh and healthy biointensive-farmed dishes. Expect a cooking lesson and a delicious breakfast with Golden Door’s nutritionist. This will be the perfect time to ask any questions you might have.
  • Day Five: “Breathe as one” while you hike mountains, practice tai chi in a meadow, are guided through labyrinths, and enjoy twilight dinners with other guests. Today is all about reconnecting with your inner self and allowing you to let go and feel at peace.
  • Day Six: “Breathe even deeper” as you stretch your way through TRX training, pilates, haiku writing and thinking in a bamboo forest. This evening will centre on guest speakers and learning all about the arts, sciences, healing, food and conservation.
  • Day Seven: “Breathe joyously” and enjoy a scalp treatment or deep conditioning, shampoo and blow dry before you step back into the outside world. Walking through your very last labyrinth and enjoying wine and food together will motivate you to “open new doors”.
Credit: Golden Door Wellness Resort | San Diego Hotel Photographer, Architecture + Lifestyle |Tanveer Badal | TANVEERBADAL.COM

Included in all guests’ seven-week stay are a daily in-room massage, five body or skincare treatments, a manicure and pedicure, and a varied list of treatments and programs including hydrotherapy baths and exfoliating body scrubs.

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