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Hunting for the latest in Wellness? Here are the top 10 Wellness Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Are you always on the hunt for wellness trends that will boost your positive thinking and combine mental and physical health? Then you are in the right place! In this article, we will explore the wellness practices that will become the must-follow trends of 2024!

1. Sleep Retreats

According to Ideal Magazine, 2024 will see wellness retreats going mainstream! Those who are consumed by the frenzy of modern life will chase ways to ‘slam the breaks’ and find the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Of all the practices that are going to the top 2024 trending lists, sleep retreats seem to be amongst the most appreciated. For those with sleep disorders like insomnia – one of the most widespread sleeping disorders, affecting between 50 -70 million people in the US – a sleep retreat may be the antidote you need to finally get some rest. Usually held in Spas, an increasing interest towards more natural settings such as forests or remote seaside villages are all the rage in this latest trend. The retreats offer a series of services ranging from cognitive treatments to relaxation techniques. From those who have been diagnosed with sleeping disorders to those who are just seeking to relax in a beautiful setting, sleep retreats meet the needs of any customer.

2. Digital Detox

The tempting idea of escaping the monotonous rhythm of city life isn’t new, especially for anyone working a traditional 9 to 5 desk job. But unlike the times past where one would book a last minute holiday escape to decompress, nowadays, it seems escapism can be as easy as just unplugging your device. In a society where everyone uses social media on a daily basis, the risks of feeling burnout are no longer imputable to work, as even entertainment content exposes us to digital overload. Now, not only de we need a detox from work, but a digital detox too, which doesn’t necessarily have to coincide with a trip to a remote island with no internet connection (even though one certainly wouldn’t mind that). However, it simply consists of switching off our devices for a period of time, such as the weekend or limiting the daily use of social media and similar platforms.

3. Technology-enabled fitness

If limiting the usage of digital devices is a need crucial to our health and productivity, we should also acknowledge that it’s thanks to these devices in question that fitness has become popular even amongst those who would never dreamt of hitting the gym. As a result, people invest more time and energy into caring for their physical health. The financial costs of attending sports facilities constitute a limitation for many, especially within the over-40s age group, whose financial priorities revolve around their children. Thanks to dedicated applications, YouTube tutorials and even Instagram Lives, where fitness coaches offer varied classes either for free or at affordable rates, more people have a chance to access physical training. This trend will keep growing in 2024.

4. Strength training

The fitness practices that will catch our interest in 2024 will mostly include strength training, such as weightlifting and bodybuilding. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) encourages physical activity to prevent noncommunicable diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it seems that the reason for exercising amongst the young population is widely influenced by the so-called Instagram body type and a mass desire to achieve it. According to MailOnline, ‘a recent survey by Plan International UK of more than 1,000 girls aged 14-21 found 72 per cent have seen photos of themselves that have made them feel bad about the way they look’ (How the ‘perfect’ Instagram body has changed in 10 years ). The desire to have the ‘Kardashian ‘Slim Thick’ figure’ (ibidem) or the most desired figure of the decade, has popularised the training practices aimed at reshaping the body. This will continue trending in 2024.

5. Mindful eating

Exercise addiction is often linked to eating disorders, which affects 1.25 million people in the UK alone, (How many people have an eating disorder in the UK? – Beat ) and our troubled relationship with food is exactly what mindful eating promises to heal. HelpGuide describes mindful eating as ‘maintaining an in-the-moment awareness of the food and drink you put into your body’. (Mindful Eating – HelpGuide.org ) To stop our judgmentalism towards the very act of eating, we must shift the focus to appreciating the taste, colours and scents of the food we get to consume. Mindful eating also includes the processes of buying (if not growing) and preparing food, so that the rewarding experience of appreciation can be extended to a larger portion of our daily activities.

6. Hydration

One cannot follow a healthy diet without keeping well hydrated. Sugary drinks advertised as “energy boosters” used to be popular until a couple of years ago. 2024 will see a consistently declining interest in such beverages, favoring the increased consumption of water. For those who don’t want to give up on the pleasure of enjoying a nice drink, but still prefer to keep in shape rather than consuming sugary beverages, alternatives like bottles that alter the flavour of water are being commercialized.

7. Skincare as an act of Self-Care

One of the reasons why hydration is so popular at the moment is certainly its link with skincare, as it is a well-known fact that drinking plenty of water is the first rule to obtain healthy-looking and luminous skin. In 2023 skincare trends have literally invaded social media, with influencers sharing their beauty routine and followers debating over the best skincare brands and products to try. In 2024 the cosmetic market is expected to shift towards a holistic approach that will put ‘women’s needs in the spotlight’ as well as re-signifying the very notion of beauty, no longer understood as the result of expensive and invasive treatments but as an act of selfcare instead.

8. Women’s healing circles

Non-virtual spaces where women gather and connect on all areas of interest are also known as women’s healing circles. Journalist Neeta Lal defines as ‘a time-tested method of wellness that offers participants a safe group space to connect, share, reflect and empower each other’ (‘A safe and gentle space’: how women’s healing circles support well-being ). The concept of women-only spaces is dear to second-wave feminism. It is now coming back in the form of group therapy, where women meet in the safety of a non-judgmental environment and share their feelings and concerns around a specific topic of discussion while surrounded by nature and lulled by the rhythms of slow life.

9. Vegan lifestyle

One of the topics most commonly discussed during women’s healing retreats is food, considering how linked it is to the topics of weight, body issues and self-confidence. With plant-based cuisine becoming increasingly popular, and veganism becoming a lifestyle rather than just a diet, this wellness trend will keep rising in popularity in 2024. Unsurprisingly, the World Animal Foundation states that ‘1.21% of the UK population is vegan’ (From Niche to Mainstream: Key Veganism Statistics You Need to See ). With almost 79 million vegans in the world, plant-based food is destined to keep trending over the upcoming years.

10. Healthusiasm

In conclusion, one could argue that the trend of all trends in 2024 will be ‘healthusiasm’, an expression coined by author Christophe Jauquet to describe the ‘cultural, societal and economic trend in which everyone – helped by companies and brands – aspires to be(come) as healthy & happy as possible’ (Healthusiasm | Christophe Jauquet | Keynote Speaker & Author). It seems that 2024 will reveal the ultimate, must-follow wellness trends!


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