I tried the vegan skincare brand RINGANA for the past week. Here is my honest review

RINGANA is an Austrian-born skincare brand producing fresh, natural, vegan skincare products, supplements and most recently, natural energy drinks. Containing natural substances, active ingredients and raw materials, their skincare products are nanoparticle-free, synthetic preservative-free, microplastic-free, and, most importantly, vegan.

The company founders Andreas Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher started the company in 1996. It all started when their younger son came home from kindergarten with a tube of toothpaste containing a long list of questionable ingredients. Once they recognised most skincare brands contained the same substances, they soon realised, if they wanted to change, they would have to create the changes themselves.

So what is a vegan skincare brand?

Vegan skincare brands offer a range of cruelty-free skincare products where no animals were harmed or used to produce the products. In the area of skincare and cosmetics, you will find many ingredients that are of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin. To find out the exact list of ingredients to look out for in your cosmetics, check the link here.

RINGANA Sell by dates

Unlike many skincare brands that use chemical preservatives to ensure their products have a longer shelf life, RINGANA is proud of their product’s shorter shelf life and expiry dates. They see this as proof of their product’s fresh ingredients – potent in antioxidants. On their website, they write:

The reason is almost ironic: that which is best at keeping us young, loses its effect the quickest.

As an Editor for Ankha Azzura, RINGANA simply ticks all the boxes. Finding products that are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and good for the skin and the planet is not an easy task, but once you do, you likely want to hold onto this gem for a very long time. This is exactly how I felt with RINGANA.

The chemical-free element and the opportunity to use a product that wouldn’t clog my skin with impurities was also a plus. Many skincare products packed with chemicals offer a temporary fix for skincare problems. My own skin, for example, has been subject to many years of mindless sabotage. I put this down to working in the hair and beauty industry for so many years, and using so many cosmetics without always reading the label. But I found these products to have a gentleness I haven’t felt in a long time.

I tried the products below:

  • RINGANA Face and Body Scrub
  • Enzyme Mask
  • Cleansing Water
Credit: RINGANA Face and Body Scrub

The RINGANA Face and Body Scrub is made with exfoliating grains from raspberry, blueberry, apricot and pomegranate. The product was smooth on the skin with a creaminess I didn’t expect. I applied the scrub all over my skin before washing it off and drying. It left my skin soft to the touch and unexpectedly moisturised. Many exfoliants draw out the moisture of my skin rather than maintain it, so this was a great surprise.   

The lack of scent also caught me off guard as I am so used to body exfoliants being highly fragranced, but the RINGANA face and body scrub has no scent whatsoever. After using this twice a week for two weeks, I could feel the difference in my skin.

The product is great for sensitive skin and is allergy-friendly which is great for someone like me with a severe nut allergy. With my face, I only used the scrub once a week as I was also using the Enzyme mask and cleansing water.


Credit: Enzyme Mask

The Enzyme mask

The FRESH Cleansing water is very gentle to the skin. Removing all of the residual makeup and dirt, I liked using this alongside the enzyme mask and as part of my skincare routine before bed. The cleanser is made from mild sugar tensides which help remove dirt and unblock pores. It is oil free making it easier for all skin types to use and it leaves your skin feeling fresh. With other cleansing waters, I usually dilute the cotton pad with water before applying the cleansing water, but with this product, I managed to use it without diluting, as it’s not harsh on the face.

Credit: RINGANA Cleansing Water

After applying the FRESH Cleansing water, I used their brand new Enzyme mask. Made from papaya, pineapple and kiwi enzymes, this mask is one of very few masks on the market made from fruit enzymes and PHA, offering a natural alternative to the many skincare exfoliants on the market today. The Enzyme exfoliant promises to make your skin glow and illuminate whilst reducing fine lines by removing the excess sebum from the surface of the skin.

The product consistency is thick with a subtle starkness to the touch. Once applied to the face, the product turns into a liquid which I left for 2-3 minutes before washing it away. Using this product twice a week for two weeks, I found an improvement in my complexion and the softness of my skin. The exfoliant I would describe as moderate and soothing.

The mask includes coriander and rosemary extract which promotes an antioxidant effect along with a polyhydroxy acid.



I would say these products are definitely unique in their approach and I would be more than happy to recommend them as a great vegan skincare product on the market. Also, they promote recycling which is a major problem in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The brands approach to sustainability is innovative and compassionate.

REuse Campaign

Their award-winning recyclable glass vial packaging was created in RINGANA labs to protect the natural and fresh ingredients inside their packaging. The recyclable bottles also help expand the company’s recycling system.

This system asks customers to keep their glass bottles after they have finished the product. Once the customer has collected 10, the customer can return these bottles and receive a free product in return.

If you want to indulge in a premium product your skin and the planet will thank you for, try RINGANA.

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