Love An Icy Landscape? Don’t Let the Hatred Of The Cold Hold You Back!

If you’re in love with the icy landscapes of countries like Norway and Iceland, taking a trip around the glaciers and the fjords will create memories you’ll never want to let go of! If you can spy the Northern Lights while you’re out there, you’ll get up close and personal with just how amazing the natural world can really be. 

However, a lot of people hate extremely cold temperatures. If you’re one of them, you might not have gotten around to seeing these landscapes yet, even though you can wrap up warm and strap some crampons on! But we can help with that; if you’re a newbie when it comes to winter travel, here are three things to put into your suitcase that’ll reduce the chill. 

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Wear the Right Shoes

Shoes are an integral part of warm clothing. If you don’t have the right shoes on, it’s going to be a lot harder to keep the heat in, with your ankles and toes acting as a heat leak, much like a gap under a door. That’s why hiking boots of any kind are usually recommended. 

Of course, if you’re heading to a place where the ground is quite rocky and will be hard to grip, you’ll want to invest in a quality pair of proper winter boots. These will be made of materials that are far less likely to freeze or lose their strength in the cold, and that’ll make it much easier to walk no matter where you’re heading. 

Pack Thermal Clothing

Thermal clothing provides a thin yet effective layer against the cold, easy to slip under any other clothing, that doesn’t bulk out your outfit or make it look weird. Thanks to the way it’s weaved, thermals trap your body heat against your skin, meaning your body doesn’t have to work overtime to keep you warm in subzero temperatures. 

If you don’t own any thermals, invest in some quality thermal undershirts and thermal underwear before you head off to your icy destination. The more of these you pack, the easier it’ll be to wrap up warm without compromising on your style! They’re also pretty easy to fit into a suitcase without having to leave anything else out. 

Keep Your Head Covered

While it’s been debunked that you lose a lot of heat out of the top of your head, it’s still one of the most common ‘heat vents’ throughout the entire body. Why? Because when you dress for the cold, you’re less likely to throw a hat, headband, or earmuffs on, compared to scarves and gloves. Even if you hate hats, wear a coat that has a hood attached and keep it up as much as possible. Keep the heat in all over and you’ll be toasty and comfortable! 

If you’re a lover of winter wonderlands, don’t let the cold keep you from exploring them. Pack the right things to wear and it’ll be much harder to notice the bite in the air around you. 

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