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Men’s Wellness ‘Rewilding’ Retreat

Embark on a transformative 5-day adventure for men that ignites your spirit and nurtures your soul at the Brothers Rewilding weekend retreat. Designed for men from diverse backgrounds, this experience is a celebration of masculinity, fostering camaraderie through the pillars of honesty, support, and fun.

Picture a weekend where you dive into the best aspects of life—laughter, excitement, thrills, and genuine connections. The retreat curates an exhilarating itinerary, blending surfing, coasteering challenges, breathwork, and immersion in nature’s serene beauty. Rekindle the bond between men and nature, forging friendships and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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What’s included? A 4-night stay in a charming property in Mawgan Porth, daily surf coaching, breathwork sessions, a thrilling 3-hour coasteering experience, surf video analysis, and delectable plant-based meals crafted by their chef. All equipment for surf, coasteering, and breathwork is provided, ensuring an all-inclusive and hassle-free experience. Prices start at £795 for a single room booking.

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind retreat filled with laughter, excitement, thrills, and deep connections. These retreats create spaces for men to break free from outdated notions of masculinity, fostering growth, support, and authentic connections. The focus is on healing the healthy masculine through surfing, breathwork, and coasteering, pushing participants past limiting beliefs to find power in honest vulnerability and connection.

Founder Ali was inspired by his personal journey of self-discovery and the profound impact of combining surfing, breathwork, and yoga. His goal is to support individuals in embracing their unfiltered selves in a deeply supportive and fun environment. The ‘Rewilding’ aspect aims to reconnect with our playful side. It’s about awakening usually suppressed and forgotten instincts and intuition, in order to spark genuine connections.

The result? An unforgettable week in Newquay, Cornwall, filled with surfing, laughter, shared meals, tears, sweat, and lasting friendships. Brothers Rewilding offers a unique blend of adventure, self-discovery, and genuine connection, leaving participants with a renewed zest for life. Join this retreat to reclaim your spirit, recharge your soul, and embrace the wild version of yourself.

Learn more and booking info here: https://www.rewildingsurfretreats.com/brothers-rewilding-sept

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