Retreat in the Arctic Bath Hotel in the Swedish Lapland

Nestled in the forested Swedish landscape, surrounded by wilderness, snow and utter calm, is the Arctic Bath Hotel. Along the Lule River, cabins offer an unplugged escape from technology and noise. As you move between cold baths, spa rituals and saunas, you will be invited to drift into relaxation. There is no program or schedule for you to rely on, only your body and mind’s needs.

Provided during your stay are:

  • Breakfast for two guests
  • Spa access for two guests
  • A Spa kit with products from organic brand C/O GERD for two
  • Access to a variety of saunas, cold baths and spa rituals that improve your respiratory health and circulation
  • Outdoor Jacuzzis that inspire a soothing experience
  • Bathrobes and towels
Credit: Arctic Bath Hotel
Credit: Jennie Cadnudd

Subject to extra cost, enjoy the various treatments on offer:

  • Arctic steps: a treatment designed for your feed and calfs
  • Julevädno: A sauna experience that immerses you in nature
  • Deep tissue massage: to treat tense and sore muscles
  • Siddha Ayurvedic: a north Indian practice that uses Indian herbs and oils to alleviate aches, muscle pains and stress.
  • Marma Ayurvedic: a treatment that promotes the body’s balance, harmony and peace through acupuncture, marma oil and energy guidance.
  • Meditation: guided mindfulness meditation tailored to support inner peace.
  • Yoga and meditation: In the comfort of your cabin, enjoy a private, guided yoga and meditation practice that inspires unwind.
Credit: Arctic Bath Hotel

Other activities at an additional cost range from moose safaris to Lapland husky tours. All is within reach in this retreat destination, with the hotel restaurant serving local and sustainable meals to satisfy your every craving.

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