The case for exchanging your Coffee with Matcha

Now before you get on the defense for your beautifully dark espresso shot that you have waited in line for, strategically sourced and perfected, here me out. Coffee is one of the most amazing substances on this earth. It gives you an energy boost, it comes in all different flavors, and you can even source an array of global varieties online to be ordered the next day to your doorstep. There are arguable health benefits to coffee now, making your addiction even more of a asset to fight for, but we have to recognize the clear fact that coffee is, a drug.

Yes, your daily espresso shot or vanilla latte is a drug which stimulates your nervous system causing you that increasing alertness’ that you all so commonly crave. But this temporary energy boost that may improve your mood in the short term comes at a cost.

One thing people dare not to talk about is the adverse affects of coffee. When consumed in excess, coffee can increase your anxiety, disturb your sleeping patterns and increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Let alone the impact it has on your bodies hydration levels. Team this with the obvious addiction factor and you see where this can go.

Now as much as its important to consume coffee in moderation and to not abuse it. In the modern day, with busy lives, retailers and marketing gurus promoting coffee as part of popular culture and even gym life, I understand why it would be hard to think of cutting this out of your everyday routine. But what if there was an alternative to your cup of coffee?

What if you could have a drink that could give you the same caffeine boost, but with more health benefits? What if, you could have caffeine without the adverse affects to your heart or anxiety levels?

Introducing Matcha, the Japanese cup of green joy which has graced our coffee shelves with all of its antioxidant goodness and sour taste. Matcha is a tea powder coming from high quality tea leaves commonly used in Japanese ceremonies. It is rich in antioxidants – compounds that help protect the body from free radicals and diseases. It is said to give you a longer energy boost than coffee with greater health benefits than a regular green tea. The taste is sharp, but when mixed with milk gives that beautiful balance of sourness and milkiness that you get with a latte.

Recently, Matcha has become even more popular with the help of social media and celebrity sightings rocking the infamous green goodness in a plastic cup. The health benefits are a major plus in its ever increasing popularity as is the versatility to have the cup hot or cold with milk, honey or spices. You can find matcha in your local supermarkets, cafes and online shops.

Make sure to let us know if you have a tried Matcha or have become a full blown convert in our comment section below.

Written by

  • Lisa Hanley

    Lisa Hanley is both the Founder and Editor of Ankha Azzura Magazine, a media platform that blends her passion in wellness, science, and holistic living. Having spent over a decade working in media, beginning with local radio and print and later transitioning to producing and luxury travel writing, Lisa established Ankha Global in 2022. She attended three universities in the UK to study Journalism and Media studies and currently resides in London with her partner.

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