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The World Happiness Summit: Elevate Human Wellbeing This Month in London

Two extraordinary events are taking place in London this March: The World Happiness Summit 2024 (March 19 & 20 Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall), and the World Wellbeing Policy Forum (March 18 London School of Economics).

The theme of this year’s World Happiness Summit is purpose and covers many facets of wellbeing and features a strong emphasis on work, leadership, purpose, mind-body connection, and human sustainability. It will also have the live European launch of the World Happiness Report 2024, which will rank youth happiness for the first time in the report’s 11-year history.

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The Importance of The World Happiness Summit

The World Happiness Summit brings together professionals in psychology, policy, economics, sustainability, mindfulness, and wellbeing to discuss the science of happiness. Why? To create a united, inclusive world that promotes health and wellbeing rather than placing it in the backseat. The event aims to make a change in office spaces, educational facilities, government and personal lives.

In addition to this, well-being should be guaranteed from childhood. “The wellbeing of children is hugely affected by their schools and their teachers, and this in turn affects their future wellbeing as adults.  In fact, your wellbeing as a child has more effect than your academic qualifications upon your subsequent enjoyment of life. But fortunately, educators do not have to choose between children’s wellbeing and their academic performance, because the evidence is clear: happy children learn better”, says the World Happiness Summit.

“Human sustainability gives us a path towards creating a better future for us all. And bringing together the leading voices and experts in wellbeing to advance this conversation puts us on that path and creates a call to action to leaders and organizations to reflect – and act – on the critical role they play in creating value for people as human beings and the interconnectedness of our work and our lives,” said Fisher, a Summit MC, best-selling author and host of the WorkWell Podcast.

The Topics in Discussion

These events will look at timely topics like redefining success, fostering wellbeing in the workplace, and advancing policies that prioritize the human experience. The expert speakers will provide a fresh perspective on the interconnectedness of human wellbeing, business success, environmental sustainability, and societal progress.

“At a time when AI and global strife dominate much of our discussions, it is crucial to redirect the spotlight to the heart of our societies: human wellbeing,” said Karen Guggenheim, WOHASU Founder CEO and author of Cultivating Happiness.

“We are championing the idea that wellbeing should be the ultimate goal in education, business, and government.”

The by-invitation World Wellbeing Policy Forum, a pro bono initiative of WOHASU in collaboration with the World Wellbeing Movement, will discuss the economics and policy of wellbeing and the price of unhappiness.

“Now is the time for governments to refocus their policies on what really matters to people. Wellbeing science provides the tools for a fundamental rethink of government policy,” said Layard.

The Speakers

The forum will feature the Surgeon General of the United States Dr. Vivek Murthy; Prof. Lord Richard Layard, Karen Guggenheim; Diana Han, Unilever Chief Health & Wellbeing Officer; Tracey Crouch, UK Conservative MP and formerly the world’s first Minister for Loneliness; Kim Leadbetter, UK Labour MP, and co-author of the 2023 Health Britain Report.

Ten percent of tickets have been donated to educational institutions, charities, and non-profits.

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