Top 3 Mens Retreats for 2024

When it comes to wellness, one thing we never discuss is the need for men to feel seen and heard. We often coin the area of health and wellness to women only, but a recent UK survey of 1000 men showed that 77% of men had suffered from common mental health issues. An additional 40% of this same group have also never discussed this with anyone. This type of silent suffering is more common than not. Luckily, there are places for men to feel safe to share, benefit from coaching and take deep dives into issues that may be holding them back.

Below, we have put together a list of three men-only retreats for 2024 that we recommend not only for their unique and beneficial programmes but also for their mission to create safe spaces for men to heal in environments where they can feel heard and welcomed.

1. Both Sides

Featured on GQ, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times and the Guardian, Both Sides is an escape for men who need a break from their modern-day lives. Founded by former international rugby player, Anthony Mullally and co-founder of Vivo Life, Josh Bolding, Both Sides is not like any other men’s retreat.

From Cornwall to Spain, Both Sides offers a range of four-to-five-day retreats in a variety of places. Filled with restoration, healing and recharging, you can expect a range of activities to suit your deepest needs.


What can you expect?

  • Wild swimming
  • Transformational breath work
  • Yin Yoga
  • A fire ceremony
  • Sauna, jiu-jitsu, surfing (depending on location)
  • Meals are prepared by a chef and sourced locally.
  • Beautiful and award-winning locations in either the forest or by the sea.
  • A retreat circle where sincere and meaningful connections are built.
  • Time and space to relax, recollect and reflect.

Both Sides have also worked in collaboration with Terranam and Wild View Retreat to host retreats in Galicia, Spain and Corgas Bravas, Portugal. Both retreats will blend luxury with deep relaxation, consisting of activities like ice baths and mountain hikes.

In Galicia, you can expect to stay in the historical and rustic 17th-century Manor House, where landscapes will awe you and food will restore you. In Corgas Bravas, a once abandoned village now home to a serene retreat centre, you will immerse yourself in greenery and nature, enjoying special sunsets and meditation Shala.

Prices start from £595. To book your retreat visit or visit them on @bothsidesretreat on Instagram.

2. Mantra Menswork

Mantra Menswork aims to provide men with a safe and healing environment to feel “more conscious, capable and connected in all areas of their life.”  The seasonal project sponsored ten men to join the retreat this November to combat mental health issues in Scotland. With men’s mental health at a critical point, Mantra’s immersive coaching has proved attentive and world-class.

Credit: David Millar/MantraMenswork

With 2024 dates and prices coming soon, here is what can be expected from the retreat:

  • Transformational coaching: a range of facilitated exercises and transformational life coaching to dive deep into who you are and what is holding you back, so you can “heal, grow and transform”.
  • Breathwork
  • Sound healing
  • Meditation
  • Sweat lodge
  • Cold water immersion
  • Fireside ceremony
  • Nature immersion
  • Accommodation (shared rooms)
  • Catering included (no alcohol or drugs will be present or allowed)
  • Post-retreat expect five weeks of integration calls to motivate and support you through a meaningful change.

The Mantra Menswork retreat inspires emotional release, reflection and a much-needed reset after years of held-on tension. By creating a brotherhood, the retreat builds a community based on support, integrity and healing. Not only will this be a place devoid of judgment and shame, but you will be free to voice your emotions and suppressed thoughts. The immersive weekend encourages you to explore your inner self, to reflect and shed old patterns, and most importantly, empower you once again.

Held in CAIM, located deep in the Scottish countryside, the three-day experience was created for men who are looking for an improvement in their well-being and life. No experience is the same. To some, it stimulated honesty, accountability and forgiveness. To others, it was a weight lifted from their shoulders.

For more information, visit Mantra Menswork at: or visit them @mantramenswork on Instagram.

3. The Informal

“At The Informal retreat, we focus on realism. We combine storytelling with science to improve both mental and physical health. We are designed for those who are under stress, trying to keep up with everyday life. Our retreats are a burnout break, where you’ll learn life-long messages, skills and techniques for a happier, well-balanced future.”

Credit: The Informal

In collaboration with Ballingdon Hall and located in a beautiful manor house in the Suffolk countryside, The Informal provides a solution for men who crave a change. Led by medical and personal development experts, the retreat ties physical and mental health together through a range of physical exercises, storytelling, personal development, and many relaxing wellness activities.

Founded by James Kemsley and award-winning Harley Street Skin Clinic, Dr Aamer Khan, whose research into regenerative medicine and ageing has moulded much of the Informal’s health, nutrition and wellness elements.

Currently, retreats The Mind-Body Connection, and Rejuvenation and Revitalization are available for booking, with the latter offering guidance from anti-ageing experts.

The Mind-Body Connection

  • A full health assessment to set up your fitness, health and wellness aims.
  • Personal training session
  • Yoga
  • Counselling, coaching and lectures
  • Sport and deep tissue massage
  • Diet and nutrition advice
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Men’s therapies for hair, skin and body.

Rejuvenation and Revitalization Programme

  • A full medical assessment including DNA and genetic profiling
  • Coaching
  • Diet and nutrition plans
  • Personal training
  • Self-care and grooming tips
  • Blissful relaxation in the Suffolk countryside

For more information visit or visit them on @theinformalstories on Instagram

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