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Enaiya launch luxury wellness retreat to help women understand and regain control of their hormones

The Retreat by Enaiya, hosted at award winning boutique hotel, MasQI The Energy House, Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, Banyeres, Spain, 25th-28th April 2024

As we age, many women experience the periods of perimenopause and menopause, a time filled with confusion, depression, and an overwhelming loss of identity. However, a new retreat for women aims to help women to embrace this period and show them how to thrive and flourish.

The Retreat by Enaiya is a transformative experience dedicated to empowering women to understand the profound physical, emotional and mental changes which occur from perimenopause to menopause. The Retreat brings together a collective of experts giving workshops and masterclasses in the field of women’s health, to equip women with invaluable tools to control their well being.

The event takes place at the award winning MasQI The Energy House, a 19th Century farmhouse converted into a boutique hotel, hidden away in the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, Banyeres, Spain. It’s equipped with a Yoga Dome which will host various different types of yoga classes throughout the retreat, plus sound healing meditation practice with crystals. The space also includes an outdoor swimming pool, various chill out areas, a reading room and ten beautifully styled bedrooms of varying sizes. There is also a massage house offering therapies that fuse ancient treatments such as traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda with innovative techniques such as kinesiology. The cuisine served at MasQi is organic, ecological and is prepared by a team of chefs with Michelin Star experience. MasQi has a Macrobiotic philosophy when it comes to food, which is in alignment with supporting hormone health.

Credit: Enaiya Retreat

Masterclasses and workshops hosted during The Retreat by Enaiya include:

  • Understanding Hormones (Dr Nicky Keay)
  • The Power of the Mind (Annalie Howling)
  • Exercise and mobility in perimenopause (Dr: Bella Smith)
  • Supplements to support & balance hormones (Kate Living)
  • Self-care practices to Shine (Kate Living)
  • Macrobiotic Nutrition (Sonia Ferre)
  • Facial and Body Gua Sha techniques to reduce perimenopausal symptoms (Maria Monllor & Pietro Simone)

The Retreat by Enaiya leads on four key areas of focus:

Hormone Harmony

Sensitivity to fluctuating hormones influences how you experience perimenopause. At the retreat experts will explain their function, how they fluctuate and the implications this has on your health. They will also show how living in alignment with the ebbs and flows of hormones can help to avoid burnout and increase productivity and wellbeing.

Nourish through Nutrition

What we eat daily provides the nutrients that are essential for the production, metabolism, and detoxification of hormones. Experts will demonstrate how to take a more intuitive approach to eating the right foods, at the right time of day to support hormones. Talk of fad diets or restrictive eating plans is completely banned!

Credit: Enaiya Retreat

Supplements to Shine

Experts will demonstrate how plant based supplements that support hormone health can be looked at as preventative medicine providing an alternative to conventional HRT. Supplements composed of science/evidence-based formulations can play a central role in providing balance whilst addressing a whole array of symptoms.

Credit: Enaiya Retreat

Lifestyle for Living

Mental needs must be addressed as well as physical ones so the approach to sleep, stress and mindset should not be overlooked. The right type of exercise is also paramount for hormone health during perimenopause. The wrong approach could exacerbate weight gain, reduce muscle mass and strength, and enhance a progressive decrease in bone density.

“At our retreat we offer more than just yoga and meditation,” says Maria Monllor, Wellness Expert and the creator of The Retreat by Enaiya. “We provide women with the knowledge they should have been taught years ago about the natural changes that occur during menopause. We firmly believe that applied knowledge is empowering, and our mission is to help women reclaim control over their body and confidently embrace this pivotal stage of life. Additionally, this retreat serves as a much-needed opportunity for women to indulge in self-care. No children, no partners, no work…. just time to focus on YOU and your needs.”

“Through our unique retreats held in stunning locations across the globe we provide the skills and insights needed to help women wellness. Our team of experts cover all emotional, physical, and mental aspects of well being for women entering their 40s. Our retreats are not just events; they are transformative journeys where women can redefine their self-care needs. Enaiya is more than just a brand. It’s a movement. A sisterhood. A sanctuary for those ready to embrace the journey of a lifetime putting their self-care first.”

Room prices start at £1325pp for accommodation, food and classes (excluding fights).

Visit Enaiya.com/accommodation for further information on rooms and suites available.

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