Mind Health: Clear your mind by adding these ingredients to your summer diet

Having good mental wellness allows you to sustain healthy relationships and your physical health. It is as important to take care of brain health as much as mental (emotional health). The brain is constantly working. It looks after thoughts, actions, and even works hard during your sleep. This implies that the brain demands a steady flow of fuel. This fuel comes with a balanced diet, as some foods are more beneficial for brain health than others. Clean diets, consisting primarily of whole, unprocessed foods, have even been shown in studies to aid with feelings of depression and anxiety.


Blueberries Credit: pexels
  • Blueberries are full of antioxidant to prevent cognitive decline and can improve memory.
  • Strawberries include vitamin C, which can protect brain cells from damage and assist brain health in general.
  • Raspberry also has a unique combination of nutrients that assist keep the brain healthy and functioning properly. Its primary function is to combat neuroinflammation.


Spinach Credit: Pexels
Woman holding cabbage leaves Credit: Pexels
  • Artichoke is an excellent source of magnesium which has been demonstrated to calm the mind when upset or anxious.
  • Cabbage contains Vitamin K – the antioxidant known for boosting mental function and concentration
  • Broccoli is packed with a large number of vitamins, including vitamins B – which contributes to the stress relief, anxiety and depression.
  • Spinach contains a large amount of magnesium which help to reduce anxiety and stress level. It can improve the mood and help with the symptoms of depression. Also, its antioxidant serves to protect the eye.

Taking care of brain health isn’t just about healthy eating, this is also about adopting a well-balanced lifestyle. Doing exercise and getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night can help to maintain the brain function properly. It is also important to take care of your mental health by doing relaxing activities that you like. What about trying out a new recipes?

Here are some easy recipes you can recreate using the harvest above:

Chickpea stew: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/chickpeas-tomatoes-spinach

Salmon sweet potato and broccoli: https://www.eatingwell.com/gallery/7941740/brain-healthy-dinner-recipes-for-2022/

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